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Tyler Sj.

Why Tyler Sj., to begin with? Well, I forgot about music for a few years (too busy drinking, moving on...) and when I picked it up again, I didn't know what to call myself. I'd been in a band called The Relics (Great times! Uneven results.), but it didn't feel right to do the solo Dashboard Confessional/Queensryche/Third Eye Blind thing where the band is really just one asshole in tight pants. (Carabba actually seems cool, the other two...less so.)

So then it was, do I use my name, which was and is Tyler Sjostrom? Turns out, there's another quite good musician from Chicago of the same name (plus umlauts), and that seemed like a problem. (One of us, you can guess which one, has millions of Spotify streams.) But since I love my last name, I chose to keep the best part of it. So it was easy... Tyler Sj.

Anyway, I love to write verbose songs that kinda rip my own heart out when I sing them. I play predominantly acoustic, at least when I'm playing live. I used to seek out the slow songs on albums I'd buy (the ones that might go in the third, seventh or final positions on a burned CD, IYKYK), and I guess this probably comes through in my songs, for better and worse.

I hope you like my music, but love it or not, I loved making it. Don't worry, you'll find your person, and I'll still be over here playing slow, agreeable shit that I enjoy.

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