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Writing & Music

Very average guy writing about very average things. Slightly better than average at doing it.

Tyler Sj. Music

I started playing guitar when I moved to Oregon and had no friends. In the many years since, I've played countless shows, written dozens of songs (some good!), and collaborated with musicians I respect more than any doctor. (Okay, maybe not abortion doctors, but most doctors.)

These days, I live in northeast Wisconsin. I write about the things I know - family, growing up and figuring shit out, sobriety. I love to play for people, love to talk about music (among at least two other things), and I'm certainly happiest with my wife's ass in my hands. My guitar is a close second though. 


Tyler Sjostrom Written Stuff

As a (regretful?) English major, I have tons of articles from many, many publications over the years. Some I'm even proud of. 

And so, we'll use this as a bit of a repository for some of the highlights. If there's a topic of conversation on your mind, there's a non-zero chance I've written 600 words about it at one point or another. Click the red box, see if you can find it. 


1716 N Division St


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